Strencor Econ FID Bench


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The Strencor Econ FID Bench is a versatile addition to any home or garage gym. Choose between 7 back positions paired with 4 seat positions for a variety of different uses. Made with 11-gauge steel and a sleek black powder-coated paint job to keep this bench looking great for years to come. The pads are 2.25-in thich, to accommodate your workouts perfectly and reduces unnecessary strain


This FID Bench has an overall length of 56.75-in, a width of 25.25-in, and a height of 18.25-in. The seat’s width is 15-in and its length is 15-in, and both back and seat pads have a 2.25-in depth. making it wide enough for most people to comfortably sit on. This bench can support a weight capacity of 1,100 lb.